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Pink Cactus - Old black skateboard deck

Pink Cactus - Old black skateboard deck

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Want to level up your rides? This skateboard deck is what you need. This deck is of the highest industry standards and you can ride it in any way you want.

This deck is made with a super strong epoxy resin glue formula developed for skateboards and the finest cuts of 100% hard rock Canadian maple. The veneers are cold pressed in one the world’s leading professional skateboard factory with the highest quality possible.

This deck is made with old black color veneers.

Like street, park or cruising? This board makes everything possible.

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*Deck Only

Shape: Classic popsicle
Concave: Medium
Veneer colors: Black (top), Black (middle), Black (bottom)

Product Specs

  • Shape: Classic popsicle
  • Concave: Medium2
  • Veneer colors: Random veneers
  • Bottom print: Solid color
  • Weight: 1,3 kg


This Product is currently not in stock but available for pre-order. This means it will get back in stock for shipment. As soon as we get the product we ship it out. first come first serve.

Is you have questions about pre-ordering or need an estimate please send us a message.

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