As kids we used to shred te streets and skateparks and even some shopping malls as long as we didn't get kicked out. We had so much fun trying out new tricks, playing SKATE and just ride together. We made so much friends, saw bands together talked about skateboards, Tricks, some more about skateboards and laughed a lot.

Nowadays we take it a little (yes a little) slower with our oldschool style boards, surfstyle boards and longboards. But still we feel the skateboardstyle burning inside us. We still love to shred the roads and bust out some cool tricks.
Some of us have kids who now shred the streets. And we cheer for them because the street and skate lifestyle is awesome.

We would love to see more people get back on their boards, get on a board for the first time and get their kids on a board. Just to show them how much fun it is to be active belong somewhere and have fun. We encourage everyone, because we had and still have the time of our lives, we made friends for life, we learn(ed) a lot and we have a fun and active lifestyle.

With this thought and the skateboard lifestyle burning in our minds we created Pink Cactus for all skateboarders whatever your ride, style or level is.